I almost climbed a mountain

View from almost the topTim has been planning a hike with me for a sunny day and yesterday the conditions, except for my body conditoning, were just right.  Sun, calm wind and moderate temperatures.  I donned my snowshoes and headed for Cascade Mountain, one of the high peaks.  I had plenty of time to enjoy the scenery because  the trail was two miles of steady, fair to moderately steep walking.

Before we left, I read the trail information but forgot to calculate that the short distance and a 2,000 foot increase in elevation makes for a steep angle.  At least for me.  And I say I almost made it because I am stubborn and choose not to do that last part scrambling with your hands and knees that gets you to the pinnacle.  So I am almost a moutain climber or I almost climb a mountain.  Porter Mountain was nearby and I was able to get to the top of that without using my hands.

I had plenty of excuses to stop and take photos.  There was one surprise when I got home.  In this first one, I think I see a gremlin in the river, to the left of the snow bank.  It looks like yoda.  I meant to take a picture of the ice crystals overhanging the river but got a bonus.  Or maybe I was just delirious from our walk.

This is an unadulterated photo straight from the camera.
There was a monster under the water

The rest of the scenery was much less scary.  There were snow men, snow ladies and silly trees.

Little snow man

Snow lady
Silly snow trees
Maybe there is a snow flower here.

Snow flower 2
Disappearing icicle

Cascade Mountain, the peak I almost climbed.  I did make it to the snow covered, treeless area to the left.
Looking back at the first mountain I almost climbed
Moon over the trees

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