Predator and prey

Today’s adventure surrounded food.  It began in search of the popular “local” bakery located fifteen miles away.  Not a bad drive for a snack but when we got there, it was closed for winter vacation.  This was really bad news because we were already salivating.  We couldn’t even find a Stewart’s (7-11 northern style).  The nearest grocery store was converted to a book store and even that was closed.

So we took a walk in the woods and I got to try out my new micro-spikes.  These are mini crampons.  In the middle of the woods we found this washing machine. P2190073.JPG Do hunters do their laundry while waiting for prey?  By the end of the walk we were really hungry.   We were directed to a diner with a fried perch special.  I guess I ate about 10 fish.

Next it was off to the butcher because our local store doesn’t carry a lot of variety of meat. We couldn’t find it so we stopped at a gas station to ask directions and lo and behold, the butcher was the gas station store. Nice.  But we went shopping.  There were jars of pickled eggs, pickled sausage and a display with all sorts of jerky that you package yourself.  The butcher shop was in the back and I think we were served by a vegetarian.

All this carnivore activity reminds me that last night I felt like prey.  i went into the hot tub alone, late, and heard some noise in the woods.  I, of course, thought it was a wolf or bear ready to pounce on me.  I was ready to dive into the water if they got close to the tub.  When I told Tim this morning he gave a more logical explanation  and said it was probably a deer.  That’s because he wasn’t there when it was pitch black last night.

Lastly, I learned something new in knitting group.  The best way to cook popcorn is in bear fat!

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