Rainbow Cloud

Ice Climbers, Otis Mountain

Barred Owl, Tupper Lake

Bird feeder back in business

The birds have returned.  After a two-week absence, they suddenly returned.  I thought they left because word was out that the feeder was too close to the house and they were bumping their little heads on the windows when they flew off in the wrong direction.  So after a very brief vacation elsewhere, they came back.  Maybe that’s their memory attention span.  After the first couple of collisions when they returned, I moved the feeder.  This was no easy feat with the ground frozen and almost a foot of snow on the ground.  With the trusty sledgehammer,which takes two hands to hold, and a January thaw, I repositioned it off an angle of the house.  Now they have cleared flight patterns in 3 directions and only a rare bird bumps into the house.   And I get to watch birds all day.  We tried to put water outside too but it froze in about 30 minutes.  We’re counting on them finding the mighty Boquet River, down the road.

2 thoughts on “Rainbow Cloud

    • Thanks Kelley, It’s not the Bahamas but it is beautiful here. We’ll be back at the lighthouse in Salem, MA next summer and then off to a lighthouse in Tasmania next winter.

      Life is good and knitting progresses. Lynne


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