Ship shape

Thirteen boat cushions are complete and mostly a success. There were a only few minor glitches.  But they brighten the boat and aren’t ripped.  Hopefully only my eyes will focus on the errors.  Next time I’ll do even better.

IMG_9543Tim got to use my favorite gift for the boat.  I bought it when we were living aboard a boat with a ginormous mast.  As the lighter of the crew, ahem, I was the chosen candidate to be hoisted to the top to do various repairs.  Then I found the ATN topclimber.  Now Tim can climb himself up the mast and I just have to stand by and watch in case he comes tumbling down.  Best purchase ever.



The boat is afloat and my mind turns to the garden and my loom.  I’m planning a dyeing garden, that’s dyeing in the color sense not the end of life.  Who needs food when there is fiber to be dyed?  Actually, I may have bitten off more than I can chew because I’m planning three gardens.  A raised bed mostly for veggies, a flower garden for cutting and dye and a perennial garden to keep the butterflies and hummingbirds happy.

IMG_9567We may be beyond frost but one never knows in the Adirondacks.  The hummingbirds are back at the feeders and I witnessed a near hummicide the other day.  Two birds met at the feeder, flew into one another, held on and spiraled to the ground.  Then one pounded the other for about three minutes.  They both were males so I guess they were staking out the territory.  One pinned the other to the ground, pecked at it, sat on it and covered it with its wings. Very dramatic. Not so sweet after all.

IMG_9561 IMG_9555


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