Sydney Harbor lights

Here’s a random photo from my trip to Australia.  I realized I haven’t posted the pictures yet primarily because of my slow internet connection. So I will trickle them into the internet cybersphere slowly.   I love Sydney.  The harbor is full of activity day and night.  And it was spring.

We’ve had the predictable January thaw, the river overran the banks and ice floes backed up.  Tim heard it rushing all night while I was away visiting family and friends. We remained high and dry.  We may win the battle with the cluster flies. Tim found nests and got rid of them and then sprayed insecticide in the windows.   But now the carpet beetles may feast on the dead cluster flies – could this be a problem if we don’t have carpets – and they will get fat and happy and attack my woolens!!!!   OHHH NOOOOOO.

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