Planes, barges, fishing boats, bobcat, ATV’s

Our quiet paradise has been shattered. In the course of five days, the island population swelled to 14 people on island and at least 5 in yachts.

The pace of work is blazing. Tuesday and a Thursday brought several plane loads of workers and equipment. By Thursday evening, one roof had been replaced, and as you already know, the toilet problem was fixed.

Friday, the barge arrived with all the materials and equipment. It parked on the beach and offloaded. Yesterday the roof on the caretaker cottage was removed and replaced and a pitch was added to replace the flat roof that often leaked.

Today a fishing vessel arrived with a year’s worth of propane tanks to swap out and three seemingly tireless workers came down to give us a hand. They did this during a break from removing an asbestos roof.

In our spare time, we shoveled the road clear of sand again because the sandy hill slide sloughs off with any significant rainfall.


It’s mildly chaotic but also heaps of fun. How much time alone do you really need?

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