Trail work

We took a lovely walk yesterday to Cape Hauy in the Tasman National Park. The Park seems to have a combination of public and private land, just like the Adirondacks, but that’s where the similarities end. The entire track is improved with graded walks and steps, at least a mile of them.



The views of the Southern Ocean from these giant cliffs was spectacular. I had to lay on my stomach to look over the edge. We passed, or rather they passed us, a school group who took the trip there and back during their school day.


We could see the lighthouse on Tasman Island off in the distance.


I stopped at a conservation park on our way back and finally saw Tasmanian Devils. Everyone from home asks us if we have seen them and, until yesterday, we had only heard them at night during our trek on the Overland Track.

Well, they are adorable and ferocious. This little guy was gnawing on a wallaby carcass.

20150304-074042.jpg then he would sprawl out in the straw and take a break. They suffer from a viral induced cancer, similar to cervical cancer, and healthy devils are released on the Tasman Peninsula because they can remain isolated from the virus.


Funny, I’ve been knitting a hat with a devil on it.


One thought on “Trail work

  1. Hi Lynne, In a previous post I mentioned N Zealand but meant Australia. Sorry. Also is the hat one of your patterns? Glad you can still do some posts and online things.


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