A burn, blackberries and boats


Low tide was around. 7:00 am and we started the day with a burn. We notified a fire dept in CT but they had no idea who or where we were. The local fire department wasn’t interested.


I foraged for blackberries to make a cake , clafouti, flan? It was pretty good. Plus there are great views of the lighthouse from the blackberry patch.

Tomorrow, a group of volunteers is coming out to get old roof shingles off the island and to scrape and paint the boat house. Platforms were put in place and I was nominated as the safety person. I added lifelines and roofing shingles for traction. My daughter, who is a bona fide safety person, was horrified.




Cruise ships passed by while I worked.


Tomorrow will be hectic so I said my goodbyes to the island tonight. Until next year.




2 thoughts on “A burn, blackberries and boats

  1. Tim, it was nice meeting you and your wife today. I stumbled upon this site while looking for tram photos for my friend who is interested in volunteering.


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