The Tasmanian Tiger had a pouch?!

We’ve been running along Cataract Gorge on the Tasmanian Tiger trail. They post information on benches where I learned the Tasmanian Tiger is no longer here and had a pouch. We are planning to go on a bush walk so maybe we’ll sight one. Next week we will walk the Overland Track, when all our chores are done. Oh boy. We may find the famous Tasmanian leeches. And here I was worried about white lipped snakes, tiger snakes and copperheads. Silly me. The real threat comes from the jack jumper ant . Here’s a perspective photo . Yow.

Today was much nicer. I saw peacocks and wallabies along the running trail.


We are still trying to work out our wine list. We were planning to bring what we thought was a barrel of wine but may actually turn out to be box wine. We’re in a bit of a tizzy. We can’t even try them unless we buy a box. Beer making is set though. One batch of blonde and then a batch of stout. Yogurt procurement still in process. it sounds complicated unless I just buy a carton of yogurt, use some for my first batch and so on and so on…


I took Tim to the City Park with wisteria, rhododendrons, orchids and snow monkeys. On the way home I spotted this perfect Christmas flower, complete with gold dust. I don’t know what it is yet but I have identified some of the birds here. We saw a flock of galah in the local park. Very pretty. galah2.jpg

Those were no sheep outside my first night’s window. They were the Australian raven. They sounded like sheep though.

4 thoughts on “The Tasmanian Tiger had a pouch?!

  1. love the pictures, the colors of the flowers are especially brilliant and beautiful. sounds as if you two are aquainting yourselves with the area. one box of wine doesn’t sound like it will go to far though….


  2. OMG, the Jack Jumper Ant looks evil! Other than that, it is amazing to watch your progress unfold. I took one look at your grocery list and wanted to go back to my knitting. You will be so glad to finally “land”… with your wine. Rock on! Stay safe! – R


  3. It’s a bottlebrush tree! We’ve got them out here in California too. There’s one in front of our house that makes a mess on our car year round!

    (Once, we left the car parked under it in the rain for a couple of days. Once things dried off, I turned on the wipers to get the gunk off of the windshield. The sticky crap from the tree, however, had sealed the blades in place. So sturdily, in fact, that one of the wiper cranks got totally stripped!)


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