Busy, busy


When the cat’s away, the mouse will play!

Tim’s off hiking in the Grand Canyon and I’ve been tackling mounds of projects. My woven cloak is finished and shipped. I kept dark fur for the collar. I wove straps, with the hope of including a wolf and falcon, but the pattern didn’t turn out as expected. Ah well.


But they are still pretty. I sewed 2 D-rings for the closure and they snug up well.


Several baby gifts left the premises. I made another back zip sweater and a couple of hats for the older siblings.





These blankets went off to swaddle a new set of twins.



I marbleized the wall behind the wood stove because it was all marked up. It was a fun process and I felt very creative.


I’m pretty happy with it. I’ll see what the man of the house thinks.

Best of all, I know my hiking spouse is safe because he is traveling with a SPOT, which is like a personal EPIRB. I received a message Saturday night that he was fine and linked to a map which showed me where he was.


Better tidy up before he gets home.

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