Memory warp


It’s been a while since I have used cards for weaving. I want to weave the cloak’s straps with a personal message, and add wolves and falcons. So far two bands done and no finished product. It takes time to get the routine back.

The first strap hit the trash due to too many twisted threads. The second is OK but a little short so I am going to make it into a belt instead.

Third time is a charm – I hope. There was little tangling at the beginning but I am remembering the technique. Let the games begin. My first wolf sigil is elongated so I’ve decided to incorporate several as an evolution (mostly in me figuring out how the picture translates to tablet weaving). There will be wolves, falcons and words. We’ll see…

The cloak has some design issues but what else is new. I love using my woven product as fabric. I’ve touched every thread multiple times. After I took it off the loom, I tried my best at waulking, to mildly felt it.

I stabilized where I wanted to cut with a zig zag stitch.


Then hand stitched the selvedges together. It ‘s long enough but not quite wide enough.



I used my freecycle serger to cut and stabilize the edges and it worked like a charm. I felted the larger pieces and already made a new needle holder. The rest will get tucked in my winter boots for an added layer of warmth.

I am not sure about my choice of fur for the neck but I found some lambswool that may look better. The dark may look too fake but the lambs wool is really a cover for my acupuncture table. I would miss it. Either one will provide a nice soft cover over the wool at the neck.



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