Gone swimmin’

20131001-213703.jpgGorgeous weather home and gorgeous weather in Maine. Sunny and warm with an unexpected (by me) swell due to some offshore weather system.

Big waves, small dinghy, I fell in when I landed. Tim took several dinghy trips then got caught on a rock with a big wave and he went over. I saw my apples float by twice, the Ikea rye crackers must be packaged well because they rode the waves in and out a few times before coming ashore.

Luckily only all of Tim’s clothes got drenched. Only the clothes I was wearing and my outerwear, which was in a bag with my binoculars, got soaked.

The binoculars haven’t shown up yet. Amazingly not even an egg broke. All our food arrived, although some was wet and sandy. But…the stove doesn’t seem to be happy. I may get a chance to expand my microwave and toaster skills!

Our electronics and knitting arrived safe and sound. It was so nice today, I may swim again tomorrow.

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