Take a break

Summer is all too short.  After a long, cold, dark arduous winter, the carefree days of summer fly by way too fast.  There’s so much to do, besides quilting, knitting, weaving and spinning.  My dye garden is beginning to bloom.  Now I have to be willing to cut off the flowers instead of enjoying them in the garden.  We’ll see how that goes.  I’m even conflicted about weeding.  Some weeds are just too pretty to pull.

Tim had to bribe me to go sailing the other day.  I’m not sure why it was so hard to leave home but I was engrossed in a couple of projects. I went and it was glorious.  The breeze was steady and consistent, as usual there were hardly any boats on the lake and we swam when the boat was tucked away.  And I collected my bribe: dinner on the water.

Yesterday, I went paddling on newly acquired state lakes with some old and new friends. It was a beautiful day.  I counted ten loons, three swims, three beaver lodges and one dam holding back at least four lakes.








There was a neat culvert, which ran under a road, between two lakes.  I, of course, had to do my echo cry.


A lot of time was spent paddling through lily pads and watching frogs splash into the water.




Thankfully, rain is predicted for today and I can take a break from all this outdoor fun.



2 thoughts on “Take a break

  1. My family just returned from vacationing in the Adirondacks. The weather was indeed glorious!
    I really enjoy your blog. I love seeing pictures of Lake Champlain and the High Peaks region!


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