Above the lighthouse

The Deal island Lighthouse doesn’t actually sit on the highest point on the island but it’s close. The lighthouse is officially at 305 meters and is 12.5 meters high. We climbed to the peak just next to it, which is higher but wasn’t a good site for the lighthouse because it’s only dirt and rocks. There’s more granite at the lighthouse site and it’s not as close to the edge of the cliffs.

Looking down at the lighthouse Survey marker at the island's high point, Deal Island
Survey marker at the high point

It was hot and calm and we enjoyed a picnic lunch at the lighthouse. The wind came back with a vengeance today but we still had visitors. A lovely family of four on a trimaran, Mustang Sally.

Tim keeps trying to lure me to the edge of very high cliffs. Should I worry?

Should I worry?

View from 1000 feet to the rocks and surf below. There’s not enough perspective to really see how high we were.Should I worry? copy
But the views of Barn Hill, Dover and Erith islands were spectacular.
Barn Hill, Dover and Erith Islands, Kent Group

2 thoughts on “Above the lighthouse

  1. you definitely have some truly spectacular views but ugh the spiders are gigantic! and yes i’d worry if i were you about tim getting you close to the edge of the cliffs( how’s your swan dive practicing going?? you may need that, haha). looks like the castaway lifestyle suits you two…..c/j


    • I had my first whip snake encounter and videoed it. I’ll try to get it to J. It wasn’t as timid as I would have liked. Yes, we’re loving it here.


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