‘Sno fun

Yes it is. We’re still playing and working in the snow. I earned my chaps (kind of like a Girl Scout badge but cuter) and got to run the chainsaw. Our woodpile has a lot of wood too long for our stove so first I chainsawed, vroom, it to the right length and then spilt the logs with the axe, wedge and mawl. Very gratifying to see the burnable wood pile grow. Tim wasn’t impressed.

Today we skied Kingdom Dam Road and ran into a prime example of birth order personality differences. I’m the oldest and follow rules to the tee. Tim is youngest and thinks they don’t really apply to him. So when we came upon this sign, I hesitated.

The “This Means You” cinched it for me. This was in addition to the standard “No Trespassing” sign. I was cajoled into blatantly ignoring it by the youngest child but turned around after the downhill portions became a little steep and bumpy for me. A likely story.
I rationalized that i was in neutral colors and wouldn’t be seen while Tim wore bright red and would be picked off first.
The river scene was beautiful before and after the boundary.

There were snowmobile tracks, actually they broke a nice trail, and coyote tracks and yellow snow but no other people.
On the home front, I am test knitting a pair of thrummed mittens. A piece of merino- alpaca roving is knit in every few stitches and creates a thick warm lining, which should felt to the wearer’s hand. It’s a free pattern from wooltrends.ca called Newfoundland thrummed mittens.

The pattern link is here


2 thoughts on “‘Sno fun

  1. I love the birth order discussion. That is an apt description of Joe and me. I am the first born rule follower, he the youngest. Oh, the times we have !!


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