I can


Well actually, I jar. Why isn’t it jarring? I made a batch of sour dill pickles, watermelon rind pickles and pickled beets.

The dill pickle recipe is from a book, The complete book of small batch preserving, which I think will be useful to help me preserve the farm produce. We generally pick up all we need for a week, but when the crop is in we can take more to preserve. I have been blanching and sealing some veggies but our freezer is pretty small and I will quickly fill it.

Our growing season is about two weeks later than downstate. In fact we just celebrated the 4th of July on Sunday.


Fifteen minutes of stupendous fireworks seen up close. We heard the first blast at 9 and headed to town and had a front row seat. We came home to find Loki the cat cowering under a bed.

4 thoughts on “I can

  1. Ha! I’d never heard it called ‘canning’ until I started reading American blogs (we just call it preserving), and had me all confused.

    Your pickles look great. What does the watermelon rind taste like?


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