Water girl

Since traveling downstate, I’ve been ON the water, while we sailed the east end, IN the water, when I swam in the ocean off Fire Island, and, yesterday, BY the water of Manhattan.

I was in THE city and walked along the Highline Park, which is a reclaimed, elevated railroad track that spans about 20 blocks, just off the Hudson River. The gardens are spectacular and surrounding graffiti, whimsical.



I continued south along the Hudson River Park, which is at the water’s edge



and paused for a while to begin knitting a(nother) pair of Hedera Socks by Cookie A, one of my favorites. I think I’ve given two pairs away so never have any left for myself. It’s still available free from Knitty and has an easy lace pattern.


Finally, I wandered through Soho and the Village.


What’s a water girl doing in the mountains?

2 thoughts on “Water girl

  1. I am and have been since Saturday at the coroner of Bleeker and Mercer. I wandered Soho yesterday. Thought of you when. I went into Purl soho on. Broome street. Didn’t make the highline. Maybe tomorrow. Home thursday


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