Looking up

The day began slowly. Neither one of us wanted to face the prospect of a dead stove. We found the culprit in a faulty electrical box, found a not-so faulty box and rewired it. Then a master electrician came ashore to do weekly volunteer work and gave our repair a thumbs up! It will do the job (bake my bread) and will be up for replacement in the Spring.

For tonight it cooked a couple of beautiful lobsters – I couldn’t do that in the microwave!

Tim’s clothes are almost dry but he looked so good in my yoga pants – tough to explain to island visitors!

But my binoculars were still missing. I went down to the cove this afternoon but didn’t see them on the shore. As our lobsters were cooking tonight there was a knock and a call, “Are you there? We found a pair of binoculars in the cove.”! Two weathered sailors were at the door.


They were very humble, when they saw us getting dinner ready, and said they would clean my, hopefully, waterproof binoculars in fresh water and bring them up in the morning. They’re spending the night here on a sailboat and will visit the tower tomorrow. I plan to use the stove to bake them fresh scones first thing in the am.

Once again the universe delivers.


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