How far can I see?

If it’s clear and there’s a high pressure, at least 86 miles. Here’s our view of Mount Washington last night.

It has to do with how high we both (Mt. Washington and Seguin Lighthouse) are above the earth. Wikipedia lays it out here:

And here. If it was at sea level, we could only see about 30 miles because of the earth’s curvature but since we’re both tall, we can see farther.

I’m keeping a cricket and visitor count and they’re pretty close. I remember this from prior years. Every morning we find cricket(s) trapped in the sink. Total count thus far, 5; visitors: 16.

I gave up on a knitting a tomtem jacket, for now, and the games begin. First “climbing deer” hat in progress.

The first one is in exchange for venison from my postmaster. We have the best post office. Once a package with only my name and town made it to my PO Box! Next I owe several to kids who actually asked for them last Christmas. I hear my needles clacking.

5 thoughts on “How far can I see?

  1. first part of your “letter” made me think I was watchin The Big Bang Theory( fyi a tv show about geeks), please don’t take offense to that comment


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