Best knitter pickup line

For the love of family I was back on the road – or took to the skies – again to visit my darling daughter in DC (DD in DC).


She received an award at work and took ME out to dinner to a very chi chi, DC restaurant where I ate Alaskan Halibut. Imagine that!

I got to see her new home since she moved while I was away. Then we ate and partied some more and even hatched out the idea for a possible business venture. More to come.

But I digress. Travel time is knitting time and I was working on a second sock to match the one I knit last week during my 12 hours of flights. I happily knit away during the brief flight. When it was time to get my backpack out of the overhead compartment, a man nearby brought it down for me, which was a help but I would have been happy to do it myself. Then a woman a row behind me commented, “You turn a nice heel.”

I was confused and gave her a questioning look because I thought she was referring to why the man helped me with my bag. I may have even blushed. Then I remembered I had spent the flight working on my favorite magical moment of knitting a sock: turning the heel and knitting the gusset.

She had watched the whole process from behind me and was impressed. She confessed she only ever knit one sock and it remains single.

DD loved the sock and I finished it during the return trip, without an audience.


2 thoughts on “Best knitter pickup line

  1. I particularly love the fact that you ate Alaskan halibut. Surprised you didn’t crave beef,chicken or something you hadn’t had in a while. Sock is pretty color and the picture of the Capitol is great.


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