I realize there aren’t enough hours in the day but managed to find a new addictive habit over the summer: rope work. I view it as another form of weaving.



My first trip back to the farm to pick up our share found a whole slew of vegetables. I’ve learned that when there is surplus, take as much as you want to preserve because next week may be too late. Which means I was preserving, canning, pickling and freezing this weekend. So far I dried tomatoes, pickled cucumbers, canned tomato sauce and blanched and froze corn.

Next I MUST make more bread and butter pickles because they and watermelon rind pickles are my favorites. I still have watermelon rind pickles in the cupboard. I bought a book, Small Batch Preserving, last summer and it’s a great resource. I only make 4-6 pints at a time.

We received a gift from Terhune Orchards of beautifully packed, softball sized, New Jersey peaches. No pictures because they made their way into blintzes, two pies and at least three were eaten au natural by me. I was a juicy, drippy mess and now they are all gone.

My compost pile jumped the gun. It’s sprouting melons before it’s even ready. Another bonus for our bounty.



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