Another whale of a day

Ho hum.  Tim has told me he is tired of my unending good humor.  But he’s not seeing straight.

2013-07-22 001 2013-07-22 117


The whale songs began the moment I woke up ( notice I don’t say at dawn, when they probably did) and continued all day.  It was impossible to get anything done because there would be more action somewhere around the island.

2013-08-12 001 2013-08-12 044 2013-08-12 001 2013-08-12 059


They were swimming, sleeping, playing and feeding, solo, in pairs or in groups of up to ten.  What fun.  Noise and blow spouts all around us.  The otter swam peacefully by as well and I found the fledgling eagle.  I heard him clumsily clamber up a rock when I found my own perch on the heliport.  He sat there for an hour and wasn’t disturbed by me, whale activity, other birds or salmon leaping right in front of him.  When he looked like he was about to take off, I began shooting video only to catch him dropping a load.  Sweet.  But a boat of visitors from one of the local fishing lodges stopped by and they got to see him fly off to the little rock offshore the older eagles have occupied since we have been here, and probably for all time.

2013-07-22 001 2013-07-22 045 2013-07-22 001 2013-07-22 059


Any dreams of returning to one of those rustic lodges were shattered when we saw the rates.  Oh my!

2013-07-22 001 2013-07-22 076

After our visitors left, the last of the whales swam off into the sunset.

2013-08-12 001 2013-08-12 065

2013-08-12 001 2013-08-11 004


2013-08-12 001 2013-08-11 003


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