Doing the happy dance

Me and the whales.  They do it just  because they can, I do it because we are getting ready to head home.

2013-08-14 001 2013-08-14 009


Today is our last full day on the island and it looks like it will be a beauty.  There’s not much packing up to do because others will stay here after we leave.  Our food held out and I’ve been foraging a little on the island.  Just a little because the plant books say you can eat one plant but be careful because there’s a poisonous plant which looks just like it.  Thimble berries are in season and taste sort of like a raspberry but not as sweet.

I’ve feasted on salmon for weeks.  Tim wrinkles his nose.

2013-08-13 001 2013-08-13 017




2013-08-13 001 2013-08-13 031


We’ve had pizzas, bagels, apple pies, custards and all sorts of goodies and unfortunately the hula hooping wasn’t as much of a success as I had hoped.  I ran around the heliport once or twice but it was a tight circle.  The best exercise is climbing up the tower steps, 75 or so. So one of the things I’m looking forward to when I get home is stretching my legs and going for a run.   Also to sleep in my own bed.

2013-08-13 001 2013-08-13 042

I’ve had a bunk bed all month, and a low one to boot.  If I sit up too quickly I bang my head.  And when I get out of bed, I have to arch my back in such a way that I don’t hit the bunk above me, which is thankfully unoccupied.  Just as well because the upper bunk acts as my spider shield.  Spiders hang out on the ceiling. I have had a chance to remember how much I love my sleeping bag. (notice how I roll it up each morning to prevent spiders from entering it when my back is turned).  I’m also looking forward to dry dishes.  Everything is so damp here, when I sniffed the bouquet of my first glass of wine, I was mildly nauseated.  We’ve been out of wine for a while but I still sniff the plates and mugs.  Not a nice habit.

Otherwise, the quarters are very comfortable.

2013-08-13 001 2013-08-13 039


2013-08-13 001 2013-08-13 0382013-08-13 001 2013-08-13 040

2013-08-13 001 2013-08-13 041

It really has all the comforts.  But there’s no place like home.

2013-08-13 001 2013-08-13 026

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