City folks just don’t get it

I’ve begun to take rural living for granted. Not much surprises me. I answer the door in my pajamas because I don’t expect visitors. I never think of stealing a car, left running in a parking lot, while the owner shops. I wave to everyone I pass (and they wave back). I love listening to the eerie sound of coyotes howling at night and following all the critter tracks during the day.

We are blessed with awesome neighbors. You never know who you are going to live near and we lucked out. We can’t see one another but we know they’re there if we need them. Too bad there’s not a review site like Yelp or Trip Advisor to find out about your potential neighbors before you move in.

I took a double take the other night though while watching TV. An ad appeared for, “a dating site for farmers because city folk just don’t get it.” Really? Is dating so much different between city and country folk? I used to work crazy hours but didn’t have a dating site devoted to sleep deprived medical residents. I think the work hours are probably the biggest difference. Here’s a link to one if the commercials on YouTube. I would love to know if this commercial plays in urban/suburban areas too.

As predicted, the weather turned nasty today. It rained, was very windy and most of the beautiful snow melted and turned to mud. I stayed indoors (maybe I got dressed today) and am knitting mittens for a birder friend.

And I measured a warp for my next weaving project, twill placemats.

20130130-183123.jpgThere is so much order at the outset of a weaving project. Then the fun begins.

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