And on the sixth day

I have been relieved of cabin building duties and returned to the loom. I left Tim on the roof, the shiny metal roof, which lies on top of ceiling boards, strapping and felt paper.

I am the cutter extraordinaire (except I hate the circular saw, which has too much kick back for Ii’l ole me) so I don’t cut strapping or the metal roof. Mostly I am ballast at the bottom of tall, unstable ladders because I don’t climb on roofs either. Good help is hard to find.


So six days and 500+ weaver’s knots later, I am weaving again. I’m not sure if tying onto the old was a big time saver because I had a lot of repairs to do before all went smoothly.


They say you can tell how a weaving project is going by looking at the back of the loom where all the repairs are obvious. Here are mine.


The weaver’s knot came in handy on the roof. I used it as a sheet bend to tie two ropes together, which held the ladder on the roof. Life imitates weaving.

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