Biannual winter

The weather cooperated with the forecast, about 7 inches of snow overnight and today. Our first snow in almost two years since we went from US fall to Australian Spring and Summer back to US Spring, Fall… The first snow is a novelty. Especially since I didn’t do any shoveling. My elbow still remembers the snow of February 2010 when I got tennis, or snow shoveling, elbow. It’s all better now and I intend to keep it that way.

I was able to put together the floor loom with no extra pieces and finish one weaving from my rigid heddle loom. Photos tomorrow. I finally got outside before the sun set, barely.

The mighty Boquet is quiet today, too frozen to flow under the bridge it knocked out in August.

3 thoughts on “Biannual winter

  1. Your photo of the frozen river is beautiful, and rather ironic – in that you could cope without the bridge at the moment and just walk across the ice (maybe??) 😀

    Things are warming up nicely here. I’m sure Deal Island will miss you this summer. 🙂


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