Fiber frenzy

Let the games begin. How will I ever accomplish all the projects I have in mind, especially since I just brought home (but haven’t reassembled yet) a floor loom? Is it materialistic when you acquire objects for the sole pupose of making other objects? I count a full set of knitting and crochet needles, 2 sewing machines (including a vintage Singer Featherweight), one spinning wheel, three drop spindles, a rigid heddle loom and now a 4 harness floor loom.

Now I have a backlog of projects people have requested or I have in my mind. I see myself jumping from one project to another in a fiber fantasy frenzy. What fun!

This weekend alone I knit two cowls and three earwarmers. An earflap hat is on the needles and a shawl and leggings are in progress. A table runner is on the loom and a quilt is pinned and I have more fabric for the next one. I need elves.

During my trip south I found a moment to see the Fire Island Lighthouse, my old neighbor.
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4 thoughts on “Fiber frenzy

  1. i see another building project in you future to build yourself a large room which is heated and where you can have all your projects going at once on various tables/areas… it’ll have to be closer to the main house than tim’s cabin so you can work whenever you want and it’ll have to be equipped with electricity!!! happy thanksgiving if we don’t see you both before thursday….c/j


    • I think you are right. We are quickly filling up. I like the idea of my own little studio! Maybe the next project? Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.


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