Home bound (of sorts)

Sunrise todaySunrise 10/1/10
No red sky this morning. Just grey fog and lots of wind. Gale warning still in effect and the fog horn continues. Our weather station only recorded max wind speed of 25 knots but I have to lean into the wind. Time to recheck the Beaufort Scale.

Where we will be

Living room Seguin
The living room in the keeper’s quarters is very cosy for reading, knitting and napping. That faux leather chair on the right is literally an antique and feels it. There is a photo of a keeper’s wife, Dorothy Hart, sitting in it dated 1955.

Baking and eating

Kitchen Seguin
The kitchen has all that is needed to churn out delicous meals and snacks. Michael, this summer’s caretaker, is back for a visit with his sister and friend and is baking blueberry muffins!

2 thoughts on “Home bound (of sorts)

  1. I read that as “Homeward Bound” and thought you might be leaving early! You must be getting that heavy rain by now; down on LI we’ve had it all day. We are still planning to come over next Friday (10/8). Hope you’ll be there. Haha! – R from LI


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