After living on the other side of the world for the winter, my life has shrunk.


I bought this beautiful, dimunitive pie plate from my friend at the local farmer’s market so Tim and I can maintain our youthful figures.

Otherwise we would eat a whole pie in a few days. Now we start with 3/4 a pie. We just finish it faster


Tim is preparing to build a log cabin. I helped one day but there were mosquitoes and the logs were big and we were standing in water and (insert any amount of whining here).

Instead I vowed to build a model so we would know how many logs we need. It’s not done yet but coming along nicely. I’m counting on strapping young men and women to do the real work.


My projects are small but the insects are not. We had a swarm of dragon flies for a few days.

I grew up thinking mosquito hawks were the bad guys. They look so much scarier than mosquitos. They are enormous here. As big as the trees.


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