I took a shower in a shower today

Rain is predicted for today and tomorrow and lots of it. They were right about today. We had early morning visitors from the SV Enterprize, a replica of a local cargo ship from the 1800’s, headed to Hobart for the wooden boat festival. A few passengers walked up to the lighthouse and the rest poked about the museum. We went down to the cove to get photos of the ship and were met by a crew member in a dinghy who invited us aboard for tea. Another adventure.

She is a beautiful boat, made from Huon pine and salvaged timbers, all authentic. The spars are plantation Sequoia’s grown in Australia. The boat held 8 passengers and 8 crew; the passengers were recovering from rough seas. The ship’s Master, Kevin, couldn’t have been nicer. Unfortunately the rain began right about when we got aboard so we didn’t explore too much topsides. One of the passengers must have been really sick because he wanted to know if I was from Melbourne, Australia. I assure you, I have not gained an Australian accent.

P2030130.JPG P2030131.JPG P2030133.JPG
When we returned to the house, we were drenched to the bone but somehow my camera escaped unscathed My waterproof (not) watch has some condensation below the “crystal”. I hopped out of all my clothes and then heard a voice near the living room. I though it was from outside. I jumped into a dress and headed there to be greeted by one of the passengers, who had just returned from the lighthouse, standing in the living room looking for the rest of his shipmates. I may have been fully dressed when I got there.

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