Record level rain recorded by me


Our one official job is to check the rain gauge daily and report it by fax to the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, fondly referred to as BOM. It rained so much yesterday, we read and emptied the gauge several times. This morning, while Tim walked the lighthouse road, in the pouring rain to see how the ditch drainage work held up, I took the fourth and final reading: a whopping 60.0 mm of rain in 24 hours: 2.4 inches. I don’t track the rain at home so don’t know how it compares but it was coming down thunderously. When I looked through the rain records for Deal Island, I found it is the most rain recorded in one day since 2009 when they had 79 mm.

As a result, we have clothes and the flag hanging up to dry and buckets strategically placed throughout the house to catch leaks.


When I needed drinking water for coffee this morning, I had to don my foulies to go out to the water tank. I probably should have just let the pot outside to catch the rain directly instead of runoff from the roof.


This means I don’t have to water the garden today and I can work on my knitting and spinning. I’m finishing a pair of socks and spinning some alpaca. But first, time for another batch of yogurt.

Here’s how the sky looked yesterday before the rains began. Maybe it will look that way again tomorrow.

Morning over the swashway of Dover and Erith Islands

3 thoughts on “Record level rain recorded by me

  1. Your record rainfall was mentioned during the weather report on the ABC news tonight, and I instantly thought of you!

    I’m interested in how you spin your wool, onto the little spool (or whatever it’s proper name is!). My Mum has always spun on a standard spinning wheel so I’d love to see some photos of how you actually do it. 🙂


    • How exciting! I just read yesterday in old caretaker logbooks that Deal Island caretakers sometimes heard their rainfall report on the weather.
      I am using an Ashford, turkish drop spindle and will post some photos. It’s very nice because it when I wind it onto the spindle after I spin it, it forms its own center pull ball of yarn and I can use the outer and inner ends to ply two strands together. I’ve been trying to develop a wind powered spindle here but no success with my prototypes yet.


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