So close to the Sydney Hobart race

This afternoon was the start of the Sydney Hobart race. 628 miles and some boats are expected to finish in a couple of days. Theoretically the 87 boats will pass by but they are too far east in the Bass Strait. We were able to watch the start on TV but for the next four days, the coverage is more spotty. Sounds like there will be high winds and seas for the first two days. We had the winds today but the seas aren’t an issue since we don’t have anyplace we have to be. The internet was more cooperative and I got to talk to a bunch of my family so that made me feel better.

It was a domestic day. I washed and waxed the floor in the house. i have always been a big fan of waxed floors. This was often to my kids’ dismay when they would go skittering across the paste waxed, wood floors in the various houses in which I have lived over the past several years. But there is something about cleaning a floor which makes the place you live, yours. So I guess I am a domestic goddess after all. it’s a good thing too because I couldn’t start the industrial lawn mower – I didn’t move the choke far enough over. So I quit and worked in the gardens instead. How spooky is this carrot?


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