The weather is “Mainly Fine”

Or so they say on the newscasts here and I have to agree. Long days, the sun and we rise at about 6 am and we both set around 8pm. We get a lot done during the day.


We finally figured out the wine casks. We were thinking large wooden barrels, lots of wine. They are actually sold in 2L or 4L quantities. It’s much cheaper than bottled wine, partly due to quality and partly due to taxation or lack thereof. They are also referred to as Chateau Cardboard and some sort of Ladies Handbag.  The innovation is  a vacuum sealed bag inside the box that prevents the wine from oxidizing once you open the box.  The downside is you get a plastic taste as well.

Some towns only carry 2L sizes in an attempt to combat alcoholism. We seem to have a variety here and will give it a shot. Tomorrow we begin to load the palette on the ship. It’s mostly symbolic but I will feel better if we get started. We’re going bush walking next week, which means we have to load the boat by this Friday. Suddenly the pace quickens.

I finished knitting a sweater I began at home and sent it off in the mail today. Luckily I found some merino, possum wool and started a pair of socks .DSCN0269.JPG

DSCN0258.JPG We went back to the orchid exhibit in the City Park today. The flowers and trees are simply amazing. Huge, with evergreens growing next to palm trees.


DSCN0260.JPG We reflected on this.

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