A smooth ride home

I flew back to the Adirondacks yesterday afternoon and it was quite different from my trip to Boston. The skies were clear, with few clouds, it was breezy but not gusty and I didn’t have knitting to occupy my hands. I was able to sit up front behind the pilot. He looked so young, I wanted to ask for his driver’s license.


I figured out the seating plan. The pretty young women sit in the copilot seat. My views were fantastic though and he was very happy to act as tour guide.



Marblehead in the foreground, Baker's Island in the middle


I couldn’t see Baker’s Island as well but the view of the Green Mountains, Lake Champlain, the High Peaks and sunset were beautiful. I took lots of pictures but they were mainly through one of the plane’s spinning propellors.




I had a great view of the dashboard with all the instruments. I couldn’t get a clear picture of it because the plan was shaky but there was a plaque with written instructions outlining what to do if the engine stalls. I think they should have that memorized.


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