Knitting aside, feather and fan scarf

I received some beautiful yarn from Nezinscot Farm, Maine CIMG0492.jpgas a gift from a new friend. I decided to knit a scarf and because it was handpainted, wanted to try a ripple effect with a feather and fan pattern. I wanted both halves to mirror the other so I used a provisional cast on for each half and cast on 36 stiches. A provisional cast on leaves “live” needles on the edge of the knitting so you can figure out how you want to finish and edge or in this case, connect two halves without a seam. Here’s Lucy Neatby’s instruction for a provisional cast on for those interested. She is my favorite current knitting instructor probably because she used to knit while serving on ships in the UK’s Merchant Marine and settled in Nova Scotia.

I got to what I thought might be close to halfway and cast on the second half of the scarf on the same set of circular needles from the outer strand of the ball of yarn. Every ball of yarn has a center strand and an outer strand – the two ends.

CIMG0506.jpgNow I could figure out when I hit the middle. I had to contend with a few tangles but it wasn’t too bad.

When both halves were even, I binded off with a suspended bind-off to keep it loose, grafted the two halves together and Voila.  My ravelry page is here


Now I have to get back on a  plane and fly back to that tiny airport.

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