I’ve lost my guiding star

Tim and I had these magical, star sapphire rings. When the sun strikes them, a star appears in the crystal. There are many legends associated with star sapphires and I always thought of it as a protective talisman. It was in a custom fitting and had been loose and I was going to go the jeweler on Monday. Really. I think I was too attached to the ring because I am sad it’s gone and I am discombobulated. I have been venturing into the darkest places that I live.

I have been down the shower drain, in the kitchen sink trap, the dryer lint trap and I’m waiting to get into a few more. I’ve used the wet vac to suck out the shower drain and then sifted through the detritus. I’ve sifted through the vacuum cleaner bag and the kitchen garbage, after a dinner a few days ago of roast chicken and brownies.

I am already going to places I wouldn’t have dreamed of visiting if I still had my ring,

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