The key to Ireland

Every B & B and lodge we have stayed in uses the same style key, I wonder if it’s actually the same key. Some work easier than others. For this one, I have to get on one knee and look into the keyhole.


Spring is the perfect time to visit Ireland. There are lambs, calves and foals in every field. I saw a drama where a lamb couldn’t find its mother until she let out a bleat of her own. They are in the background of this video clip.

Here are a few that are more content.



Look at this heart!


Some of the animals are faring poorly because they had a winter that lasted 8 months and  culminated with a blizzard in March – the first snow here in decades. I am not posting the photo of the skinniest cow and hungriest calf I have seen on the walk.

We are about halfway through our walks and have covered 51.4 miles mostly on untraveled country roads, through fields, muddy paths and small forests. We have climbed over a lot of stone walls. My worst day was when we rode bikes on Inishmor, the largest of the Aran Islands. My bike didn’t fit and it wrecked havoc with my body. Nuff said.

But we got to a natural pool carved into the cliffs, recently used for a cliff diving competition, with dramatic seas washing over the wall.



Today was a half day and tomorrow is a travel day on 3 buses. Time to rest my tootsies.

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