Fun and Games

Yeah, it’s the holidays and family is starting to arrive.  Cooper and Liz were our first guests and we had a great visit.  I felt like a tourist at home.  We wanted to see ski jumping but it was 0 degrees F and the wind was blowing too hard – some things never change – and the event was postponed.  No worries.  We had our own events.  We went to the Olympic Museum,  went ice skating, tested beer and played darts at a microbrewery, soaked in the hot tub and played Cranium.  Oh yes and ate nonstop.
I’ve owned Cranium for years but never played it. My first game made me own up to my aging eyes and admit that I need to wear reading glasses.  I thought the sculpture clues were particularly hard when I had to sculpt UPS.  I moaned  and worked the clay.  Cooper and Liz looked at each other like I was nuts.  I made a truck, a package, an envelope, opened the envelope and then my time was up.   Liz said she could have made the clue, LIPS, in seconds.  No point for the home tea m.  Doesn’t UPS look just like LIPS?
The Weary Travelers
On the Ice at Lake Placid

Cubs at the pub

A fine example of a well cropped photo discreetly shot. The real subject was Liz to the right.

Icing on the cake

3 thoughts on “Fun and Games

  1. Those are some good looking legs in the first photo. Where is the photo of me and you Ice Skating? The photo in the bar is quality, and you left out the other like 8 photos of my name…


    • I counted 4 nice looking legs in the first photo.
      The photo of us ice skating didn’t do me justice and I am the editor! You came out great in it though.
      How many photos of your name in yellow snow could I post??


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