Hiking Philosophy

Now that we have easy access to the great outdoors in the Adirondack Park, I have been thinking about  2 camps of hiking.  I love to be outdoors, just moving my legs and enjoying the sights and sounds.  Everything is too frozen this time of year to offer any scent – well mostly, except that sometimes there’s a bad smell on the porch and people get falsely accused.  My goal is to burn calories in an enjoyable way so I can consume 3X the same amount of calories later.   Somehow that seems to maintain the balance even if the math doesn’t work out.
Camp in the Woods

Sometimes to the disdain of the others, one can be very happy snow shoeing or cross country skiing on a golf course or in their own backyard.   The second camp wants a destination, a peak or pinnacle as a goal for the hike.  Even better the view from the top should be enjoyed standing on the edge of a cliff.  Generally, same amount of calories burned but greater fear factor.

Camp at the top

hmmmm, who took this picture

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