It’s all about timing and trust

We went to watch the Nordic Combined competition today at Lake Placid.  Participants were from around the world and they were vying for spots on their Olympic teams as well as endorsements from sponsors.  First they jump off a 90m ski jump at about 60 mph and travel 80 – 95 meters before landing.    Happily there were no agonies of defeat.  Then somehow (using the Gunderson method) the ski jump score is weighted and they compete in a 10k cross country ski race.  The start times are staggered based upon the score from the ski jump – the best start first – so that the winner of the cross country race is the ultimate winner.  Unbelievable how fast they fly overhead.  I tried to snap some photos but missed a lot and never really captured their speed .  Their grunts and the rush of the wind was incredible.
We took the elevator up to the top of the 120m jump, which wasn’t in use, and watched from there a bit.  The views of the High Peaks was great.  It was a balmy 14 degrees so with about 20 layers of clothes on, and lots of knit and woven wear, I was toasty.

Oops I missed

View from the top

Right place and time

After the races, we stopped at a sugar house to buy some syrup.  Despite some problems with navigation, we made it there.  The shop keeps costs down by not paying anyone to man the store and relies on the honor system.  They must not read the Press Republican.   There was a lot of money in the till when we got there.

Trusting Maple Sugar Shop

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