Fiber First

I am still sorting through my pictures from New Zealand.  The landscape was so amazing, even though I never saw a rainbow, that Chelsea and I took over 400 pictures.  She took the good ones.  So here are a few fiber shots.  We were in the land where sheep outnumber humans by about 10:1 and hobbits abound.  I deferred taking pictures of the sheep until the last couple of days.  Here is an example of what a flock of sheep does when you get out of the car and say, “Yo, sheep.”

We traveled south from Christchurch to Ashburton where I could visit the home of Ashford spinning wheels and looms.  I saw the biggest spinning wheel and bought a loom which got home about the same time as me.  I can hardly wait to set it up and start working but I have a few hundred pictures to work with first.

Now that we have a new home, Tim is encouraging me try new fiber adventures because he wants a quilt.  I saw a beauty at a honey store but my computer is having a brain freeze and won’t let me upload more pictures.   Maybe it’s a bit too much for the first (actually second) attempt but…

Back at the cabin, it snowed today but not enough to break out the new  snowblower.  The fireplace and wood stove kept us cozy and I broke out my spinning wheel for the first time in months.  Time to get back working on the fleece I washed in a bucket at the lighthouse.

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