Hot Tubbing?

I’ve returned home to paradise.  A new neighbor stopped by with banana bread.  Another had picked up our papers when we were away from the house getting the boat ready for winter.  Here’s the real clincher.  I was walking down the street and passed a teen on the other side of the street walking with earplugs in.  He paused and made a point to wave!!  I think we’ve found the place for us.
But what about our hot tub.  I was dubious when I returned to find this tub in our yard but after two soaks, I’m almost embarrassed to say that it was pretty nice.  I hear dueling banjos in the background but at the same time, I look up at the sky and see stars and mountains around me.  The debate continues.  We’ll probably get the real thing but in the mean time, this isn’t too bad.  You should see our couch!

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