Best Sailboat Purchase Ever

I’ve been meaning to write about this for a long time.  Sailboats have tall masts, ours is about 45 feet above the deck and stuff breaks on them and someone, usually the lighter of the crew, is sent aloft to do the repairs in a bosun’s chair.  This ia a harness attached to the rope at the top of the mast and is hoisted up by the stronger of the pair.  Get the picture.  I am sent to the top while DH hoists me there.  Well at the beginning of the season we did this a couple of times and although I got used to it, I never really liked it and besides the bosun’s chair didn’t seat well with me and I sometimes felt like I would slide out of it.
After some research, I decided to buy an ATN Topclimber to make my job easier.  Well the great news is that there is no hoisting involved so DH tried it.  Basically you use climbing gear to climb up a line attached to the top of the mast.  It took several trips to master it, and anything takes several trips.  We removed and replaced the radar reflector.   Searched for but never really found leaks into the mast and subsequently into the cabin.  Our anchor light stopped working and that took literally about 5 trips up and down with potential purchased replacements.  The best purchase for me has relieved me of the need to go aloft.  It’s even fun for the kids.  When Andre and Sarah visited us, Andre went up the mast for kicks and giggles and took some photos.

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