Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride

Here we are, back in the cabin, all shut tight with the cats inside as the next storm rolls through.  The first brought strong winds but very little rain.  We were whipped around on our mooring and it felt like the ride at Disney World.  We would spin about and then reach the end of the mooring tether and get whipped back.  We’ve made some adjusments and see if they hold and if it improves because the next gale is arriving, beginning with rain this afternoon.

Wide angle Edgartown Harbor

Edgartown, MA

Island Alpacas Martha’s Vineyard

We took the opportunity to explore some of Martha’s Vineyard.  Our hightlight was yesterday when we visitied Island Alpaca where we learned a lot about owning and raising alpacas- perhaps now that we are buying a house.  I bought some beautiful alpaca roving to spin and knit.  Imagine a herd of my own supply of yarn.  I could breed them, assist with deliveries, spin and knit their fleece. They may have it all, they are vocal, cute as anything and apparently tax deductible.  We’ll see.

I am too cute


Martha’s Vineyard is pretty quiet this time of year,   The people in Edgartown couldn’t be nicer and more helpful, except for the bus driver, who scolded me for taking too long to insert my fare.  What’s all that change for if not for paying for buses???  The harbor master has been by a few times to check on us, even pumped us out when we were ashore – always nice to miss that event.

We are having a hard time accepting the fact that we meet this season’s tourist demographic, old(er) and retired.  We don’t wear name tags however and get around by boat, bike or public transportation and somehow feel better about that.

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