But we just got home

And here we are packing and getting ready to leave again. We have been home for a week and were scheduled to go to Seguin Island (this is a crazy year for us) on Sunday. Seguin was our first island lighthouse caretaking gig and it holds a special place in our hearts. Tim has been in touch with the present caretakers and it sounds like they have taken fabulous care of the island and hosted nearly 3000 visitors, each one escorted up the lighthouse tower in groups!

Now the weather report looks like we will go on Saturday because 6 foot seas are predicted for Sunday and the waters off the Kennebec River are some of the more treacherous coastal waters. They combine wind, tide and a beach landing. Oh for the protected waters of Protection Island.  It was so easy these few days back on the mainland. I only had to glance at the weather to see what clothing to wear. Now we’re back to looking at marine forecasts and it is not a pretty sight. The weather won’t be anything like Hurricane Harvey, which just devastated Houston, killed several, caused at least 30,000 people to seek shelter and will cost billions to repair.

But it will cause a change in plans.

We quickly assimilated to home living, however brief. We bonded with the northern grandchildren, went to a minor league baseball game, worked and worked, caught up with friends, unpacked, and now are packing again.


Yet, I am trying to maintain the slow paced life I enjoyed in Washington. I walked the hour to work one day and saw this cloud upon cloud.

Another day after work, I went down to the Champlain bridge that spans Lake Champlain and walked back and forth between the states a couple of times and toured the Crown Point Historic site.


We have a personal connection to this bridge. When they decided to replace the old one, they put several designs out for public comment and vote. This is the one we chose.


I was reminded I have to try again to build a clay pizza oven. My first attempt collapsed but I saw a beautiful example at the Fort. I’m not sure when they use it but it inspired me.  I just have to stay home long enough to do it.

Now to pack.

2 thoughts on “But we just got home

  1. And here I was thinking you would be sighing and slowly sinking back into mountain life – not so! I admire your tenacity to be able to unpack and wash, wash ( I well understand that process), just to repack again and rush off. Living on and loving islands is supreme, but the in between bits and meeting travel windows can be exhausting. Safe travels to you both and I look forward to more entertaining reading. Hug the lighthouse for me!


    • I will, You hug Deal Island LIghthouse for me! We’re safely settled in for the next couple of weeks. I was mildly dreading our arrival here because of the dinghy landing on a beach and the fact we have to lug all our gear and food up to the quarters. But Tim came through. While I unpacked the cold food and started dinner, he made several trips and was my hero. Now I am in bliss, the wind howled last night and I heard the waves crashing on the shores. We have an automated foghorn system here. I activated it the other night and then it sounded for longer than I anticipated. As we walked down to check it out at bedtime, it went off on its own.We’re all in synch. xo


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