We’ve been hit by storm after storm as predicted in Edgartown, MA.  Yesterday, we dinghied ashore and took the bus to stock up on alcohol for our heater, which has been keeping us warm; alcohol for my heater; propane and coffee.  All the essentials are aboard.  I’ve been engaged in numerous activities to drown out the sound of the roaring wind.

I slept 11 hours.  I am knitting a shawl that has 400+ stitches per row out of my own handspun.  One row actually took 3 hours due to technical difficulties and the need to unknit the row.  I watched Dune on my ipod and thought the storm sounds were part of the soundtrack.  To my dismay, it was the local weather sounds and not from the movie.  Tim watched the Yankees game last night but apparently was in a remote control duel over the slingbox.  A walk on the deck entails full foul weather gear and that’s another 15 minutes of dressing and undressing.   I baked scones and am about to enjoy them with DH.

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