All or Nothing

We sailed from Onset, MA to Hadley Harbor under all sorts of sail.  One reef, two reefs then no reef.  We spent a quiet night and then caught the tide to Tarpaulin Cove on the south side of the Elizabeth Islands.  Our new favorite place in the world.  We anchored and went ashore.  We hiked one day and ran the others on the paths that snake accross the islands.  I saw cows, butterflies and a fox.  Our night wasn’t as pleasant.  The wind was shrieking all night and it upset the cats and me…and therefore, Tim.  We reanchored during the day for a less rocky ride but couldn’t do anything about the wind.  I listened to my ipod with earphones to drown it out and knit away.  So I knit.  I finished a cushion for the boat, knit up a new washcloth and am working on a pound of Shetland that I spun this summer.

We left Tarpaulin Cove for Martha’s Vineyard, where we expect ot be a few days due to weather.  In between strong winds, it was dead calm and we had to motor to Edgartown.  Another ghost town harbor.   A few fishing boats moving around but that’s it.  This afternoon we expect a gale and are on a town mooring.  Hatches are battened and I may go to an Alpaca farm today.  I could always use more roving and practice my turkish spindle.

Body parts onboard

Tarpaulin cove lighthouse

Naushon, Elizabeth Islands

1st wide angle shot that worked

Grey skies




This hedgehog followed me home on my shoelace

Probably not a good idea

Gravity defying

Rocking sunset

Another washcloth


I-cord edge

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