Tucked away

We spent at least five hours yesterday tucking in the boat for the winter. It had been hauled out of the water and perched, just a little wobbly, in its cradle.

It takes a full size ladder to reach the deck because it has a five foot, fin keel. Our mission was to cover the boat with an oiled canvas tarp, which seemed to weigh just under a ton!

We had to try to drape it just right so the snow slides off it and doesn’t build up on the deck. We should visit it often during the winter to make sure this doesn’t happen — but we don’t.

Lucky for me, I got to spend most of the time under the cozy tent we created while Tim tied lines under the boat and was very busy.

I managed to enjoy the view and take some pictures, in between sewing the canvas with an awl and stabbing myself in the thumb.


It’s a good thing I was under the tent because it started raining and I got to make sure it kept me dry, while Tim did his thing out in the elements. I even caught a faint rainbow.

And we did it just in the nick of time because last night it snowed in the mountains. We could see it as we looked back from the ferry to Vermont.



Lady of the river

Lady of the river

Today was a snow day. I remembered to take my camera with me on a drive to Lake Placid. It snowed softly in the morning, continued all day into the night. There will be an early easter egg hunt, in the snow, at our house this weekend. Tradition.

These pignoli cookies always look so promising. Alas, in the end I threw out the batch. I’ve been having a problem with them rising and haven’t had suggested parchment paper in the house for a long time. This batch rose fine but got stuck to the foil. Worse yet, some had a little piece of foil still stuck to them and left a metallic taste in my mouth. Out they went.

Biannual winter

The weather cooperated with the forecast, about 7 inches of snow overnight and today. Our first snow in almost two years since we went from US fall to Australian Spring and Summer back to US Spring, Fall… The first snow is a novelty. Especially since I didn’t do any shoveling. My elbow still remembers the snow of February 2010 when I got tennis, or snow shoveling, elbow. It’s all better now and I intend to keep it that way.

I was able to put together the floor loom with no extra pieces and finish one weaving from my rigid heddle loom. Photos tomorrow. I finally got outside before the sun set, barely.

The mighty Boquet is quiet today, too frozen to flow under the bridge it knocked out in August.

It’s time for the heavy equipment

The snow fell and fell. We used the snowblower and shovel twice and then our neighbor came by with one of his toys. The driveway was pristine until the clouds dumped sleet on it for 24 hours. Now it’s a slushy mess.


I quit about here.  The snow was too deep for me to cross country ski.  I apent some time shaking the snow off the bent trees instead.

We shoveled a path to the bird feeder.  It would be squirrel proof if the squirrel had bothered to read the directions.  It’s supposed to sit on the wire loops at the bottom, which will slam the feeder shut based on its weight.  The red squirrels have been acting like prairie dogs.  They’ve got burrows under the snow and pop their heads out.


They are kind of cute though.