It’s time for the heavy equipment

The snow fell and fell. We used the snowblower and shovel twice and then our neighbor came by with one of his toys. The driveway was pristine until the clouds dumped sleet on it for 24 hours. Now it’s a slushy mess.


I quit about here.  The snow was too deep for me to cross country ski.  I apent some time shaking the snow off the bent trees instead.

We shoveled a path to the bird feeder.  It would be squirrel proof if the squirrel had bothered to read the directions.  It’s supposed to sit on the wire loops at the bottom, which will slam the feeder shut based on its weight.  The red squirrels have been acting like prairie dogs.  They’ve got burrows under the snow and pop their heads out.


They are kind of cute though.


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