Could be a long walk

The cove
This photo highlights our bathroom situation. We sleep in the quarters at the top of the hill and use the outhouse at the bottom of the hill near the cove. It’s all about planning.

There is a crisp north breeze today. It’s great sleeping weather. Fruit or birch wood smoke is drifting from the mainland and I could hear the ringing of the bell buoy to the north.

I am calling the rider mower repair a small victory. After it ran for 20+ minutes two days ago, yesterday it wouldn’t start. I had moved a ‘kill’ wire and adjusted my favorite idle screw on the carburetor. The battery sounded weak so I charged it. Then the mower started right up and I gingerly mowed the upper 40 while I waited for it to stall. Never happened. The only time it conked out was when it ran out of gas.

And I finished knitting a sock made of possum, wool and silk from New Zealand. At least one foot is warm.

Welcome sunshine

Oil house
Glorious morning. Wind shifted to the north, crisp air so why is the fog horn still sounding? Hmmm.

We spent time in the whistle house yesteday working on lawnmowers. I ran the rider mower 30 minutes. Today’s test will be to mow with it.

I used the rowing machine for the first time this trip. I started with it outside on the deck of the boat house. Then the rain began and I hauled it inside and continued, on a 30° downhill slant. When I finished, I walked to the beach to check out the surf.

Michael, Susanne and Eleanor managed to hike the south trail during a brief moment of sunshine yesterday and shared chili and stories with us last night. Blueberry muffins were delicious.

Do skies lie?

Yesterday was laundry day and it’s a good thing I did it. The wind whipped clothes dry in no time. It’s unlikely we’ll see the sun the next few days and a gale is predicted. Time to put away potential flying objects.Wash day
I’ll never get meteorology. This morning’s sky looked as pretty and benign as last night’s.
This morning
Morning sky before the gale

Last night
Sunset 9/29/10

Igor’s fog


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We are feeling the effects of Hurricane Igor, literally. Yesterday the sky was clear, the wind was light from the south while huge waves were crashing on the east and south sides of the island. This sent spray flying and created enough of a haze at Seguin’s summit, 150 feet high, to trigger the fog horn.

There were eight to ten foot waves running from the east across the mouth of the harbor. They are supposed to build more through the day.

I think we will stay home today.

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It was a dark and stormy night

Not really but there was a brief, intense storm right before sunset.  Then the sky was beautiful.  Luckily we watched it from indoors.

Caretaker fingers

Tim and I have matching injuries.  My index finger got mildly caught in the flywheel of the string trimmer.  Oops.

Storm brewing

Striped berries

I want to figure out what these are.  Any ideas?

Nice clouds

To the lighthouse

We drove to MA to head to the lighthouse yesterday.  The cats traveled like champs.  They didn’t do too bad on the boat and dinghy ride either.  Unfortunately, when we got here, our mooring had vanished, likely from a storm in winter.  We looked around and then arranged a borrowed mooring with the island’s winter caretaker.  While this was going on, a squall blew in and all my clothes and Tim’s electronics got soaked.  Then the grass was waist high.  But today was a new day and all is well.

Shirley bewildered

Cats and other luggage

My wet clothes

The waist high lawn

Today I tried to get the weed wacker to work for about an hour then took the John Deere lawnmower out to the field.  I set it on a hover craft setting and thrashed the wheat.  Much improved.

A better day

The helipad